Waregemse Metal Day 2020 Live Stream

Waregemse Metal Day 2020



Date: 28 Nov, 2020 .

Location: Waregem Expo, Waregem, Belgium

At last, a metal day in Waregem – the support of unbelievable metal occasions, from past dull occasions.Wfest gladly presents the primary release of ‘WMD’, the Waregem Metal Day, November 28th 2020.On the 28th of November, the sky above Waregem will turn dark, with on the phase of the Concert and Expo corridor, 9 weighty loads from the metalscene.Metalheads, getready to be astonished and befuddled on the hard tones of Psychonaut, Misery loves co, Warbringer, Celeste, King Hiss, Destruction, Delain, Stake and Amenra.A DJ set of “Goe vur inSiblings and sisters, be essential for the WMD armed force!]

***The Event will only be viewable to fans who have Purchased Access.***

We just proceed with the data about the coming function from the streaming stage, we trust this can be an answer for you to continue making the most of your stream without leaving at home.

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