D-A-D Live Stream in The Tivoli, Buckley, UK 14 Nov 2020

D-A-D Live Stream in The Tivoli, Buckley, UK

Date: 14 Nov, 2020 .

Time: 19

Venue : The Tivoli

Location: Brunswick Road, Buckley, Clwyd, CH7 2EF.

Denmark’s main musical crew, Jesper Binzer, Stig Pedersen, Jacob ‘Cobber’ Binzer and Laust Sonne are by and large D-A-D.With eight studio collections delivered over the most recent 18 years, we are not discussing a band that has been settling for the status quo.Their collection Everything Goes was a multi-grant victor at the remunerated with four brilliant statuettes at the 2000 Danish Music Awards.furthermore, the band celebrated with a 56-date visit through Northern Europe.

***The Event will only be viewable to fans who have Purchased Access.***

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