Adelitas Way At the Eclectic Room 2020 Live Stream Show

Adelitas Way At the Eclectic Room 2020


Date: 12 Nov, 2020 .

Time: 19:00

Venue : The Eclectic Room

Location: The Eclectic Room, Angola, IN, US.

Line-up: Adelitas Way


Adelitas Way is a hard rock band that framed in Las Vegas, Nevada, US.The band has frequently been recognized as a feature of the post-grit development because of accepting impact from such groups as Audioslave, Nirvana, and Soundgarden.The band shaped in 2006 comprising of the individuals: entertainer Rick DeJesus, drummer Trevor Stafford, guitarist Chris Iorio, and bassist Derek Johnston.Iorio would later leave the band and be supplanted by Robert Zakaryan and Johnston would likewise withdraw from the band and be supplanted by Andrew Cushing.The band broke into the standard when they delivered their first single “Invulnerable”.The band began to pick up acknowledgment when the single was included in numerous TV programs, for example, “WWE Superstars”, “CSI: Miami”, and “Menace Beatdown”.The tune likewise excelled on the diagrams, arriving at the No.6 situation on the Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks diagram.

***The Event will only be viewable to fans who have Purchased Access.***

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